Save 20% when you cross-grade
to the Overdrive RIP

Overdrive 17" $795   $636.00
Overdrive 24" $1,095   $876.00
Overdrive 44" $1,395   $1,116.00
Overdrive 64" $1,595   $1,276.00

To receive a 20% discount, purchase your Overdrive cross-grade online through one of the following methods.

Competitive Upgrades
Trade in your RIP dongle and save 20%

If you have a competitor's RIP, you can save 20% when you trade in your old RIP dongle.

Overdrive competitive upgrade form

ColorBurst cross-grades - Windows
Contact ColorBurst Systems

Please contact us to receive a 20% discount when you switch to Overdrive for Windows.


Epson bundle cross-grades
Use the Epson Bundle upgrade form

If you have an Epson bundle that did not come with a dongle, use this form and select the cross-grade option. You will need the serial number from your ColorBurst installation CD.

ColorBurst Epson Bundle upgrade form


ColorBurst cross-grades - Mac
Use the Upgrade Assistant with your ColorBurst dongle

Download and run the Upgrade Assistant with your ColorBurst dongle plugged into a USB port. Click the BEGIN button and select the cross-grade option.

ColorBurst Upgrade Assistant (.zip, 178.1 KB)




ColorBurst Systems